​America's First National Loyalty Program

  Three Simple Steps!

1. Shop for groceries and most other items online and in local grocery stores ... including MAJOR retailers (you probably already shop at them) with full grocery sections inside. Buy gas and dine out as usual.

    2. Use coupons or loyalty programs if you want. Pay as you normally do. No habits to change!

​3. Share your receipts by mail, e-mail, or smartphone app. Takes just minutes per month. Get 10% back as a check the next month!

A My Freedom Grocer subscription just makes sense...

Why would you want to spend more than you have to???

Join My Freedom Grocer TODAY and

put money back into your pocket!!!

Freedom - which is the the grocery and home essentials plan. The subscription cost is $19.99 per month and you can get up to $100 in cash back every month. That's up to 5 times the cost of the subscription.

​​​10% Back on Gasoline & Restaurants -- Up to $50 Back Each Month!

Everyone loves a deal on gasoline, and why not? To us, it seems like every gasoline is the same, so why would we pay more? While everyone else is trying to save a nickle per gallon, you could be saving 20 to 30 cents or more per gallon! If your household normally spends $200+/month on gasoline, you could suddenly pocket $20 of that through cash back.

Another big spending area for many of us is restaurants (including your daily coffee stop if you spend at least $5). A family could easily spend $50 or more each meal they eat out. With My Freedom Grocer, we could get 10% of that back. You can earn up to $30/month cash back every month from dining.

How It Works:

My Freedom Grocer is subscription based but instead of only being able to shop at one store like club store memberships you can shop at any local grocery store, club store, super store that has a full grocery grocery sections, dollar store, or any commissary across the nation.

My Freedom Grocer has two subscription levels, Freedom and Freedom Plus


With "My Freedom Grocer," you can earn up to $60 cash back each month from online grocery shopping at the world's two largest online retailers and $40 cash back each month from your local grocery stores (including MAJOR retailers with full grocery sections inside) for a total of up to $100 cash back each month!

For cash back online, set up NEW accounts with one or both of the two biggest retailers through My Freedom Grocer. Then shop through these accounts as you normally would with them, selecting from thousands upon thousands of items that qualify for their free shipping programs.

You can ALSO earn 10% back when shopping at your local grocery store or retailers with full grocery sections inside. You can keep using your coupons and gift cards and even EBT cards ("food stamps"). You can keep using loyalty cards. 

After shopping, simply share your receipts by mail, e-mail, or smartphone app. The app lets you share your receipts in under a minute!

When you include food and household items, every family spends at least $400 per month in stores like these. So if you use the service, there is NO REASON why you can't earn $40 back locally, $60 online, or both. Up to $100 per month!

Tons of Other Savings

My Freedom Grocer isn't just a cash back program. It gives you so many other ways to save you won't be able to count them! Save on dining, entertainment, office supplies, travel, and much more.

Options include discounts on movie tickets and restaurant gift cards, amusement parks and local excursions, dental and eye care plans, auto care, online education, fitness clubs, and of course much more. You can even get a pharmacy card to save 10-85% on over 60,000 prescriptions at your local pharmacy.

* Cash back not available on alcohol, smoking products, prescriptions, firearms / ammo, gift cards, or any taxes you may have paid.
​Click button to visit official site and get details. Cash back is paid in the month following dates of uploaded receipts.

Freedom Plus- which is the grocery and home essentials program PLUS gas and dining out. The cost of the plan is $39.99 per month and you get up to $150 in cash back every month.

Get 10% Back on Groceries, Gas, Dining, and Other Shopping​